Protegent Total Security


Protegent Internet Security solution comes as an answer to all your PC security worries in today's risky internet environment. Armed with advanced bidirectional firewall and programs to optimize system performance, the software is meant to offer you remarkable web security. Additionally, the data loss prevention module further equips the software to avoid severe data loss scenarios.      


Features of Protegent Total Security

Bi-directional firewall
Unique bidirectional firewall of Protegent Internet Security solution guarantees advanced protection, by controlling inbound and outbound traffic (over Internet and/or LAN). It blocks all unauthorised incomming and outgoing network packets, thereby averting varied kinds of illicit intrusion attempts. You can put all your worries to rest while the unique bidirectional firewall is at work, to safeguard your PC from malwares, spywares and most notorious phishing scams.

Proactive defense against threats

The internet security and firewall protection utility monitors the behavior of other software and  their interaction with network, in order to prevent different kinds of violations and transmission of sensitive information from your PC to unauthorized persons.

Complete protection against any malware

The anti-malware system of Protegent Total Security solution makes a perfect combination of antivirus and anti-spyware technology. All sorts of network access are constantly monitored and controlled for preventing illicit access attempts and activation of malware in your PC. The moment this advanced anti-malware detects a threat, it immediately removes it or puts it in quarantine. You can scan the entire system with one click virus scan feature.


The network security antivirus solution enables you to block email Spams and have your inbox free of such annoying trash. Its “Personalized” option allows you to insert your personal definition of spam, so that the entire removal process of undesireable stuff is quick.   

Anti-theft System

Advanced anti-theft system secures your sensitive details and prevents them from getting leaked or stolen from your PC. Its Block ID function and USB blocking feature protects your credit card details, important passwords and other critical information by storing them at a special place in your computer. 

Advanced web navigation

Versatile web control module of the software allows you to have a safe web surfing even in dangerous zones of Internet. You will stay clear of infected websites owing to this advanced software, which also limits your exposure to potentially harmful applications and blocks all modes of information leakage.

Software self-protection

This unique feature prevents your security software from getting disabled or non-functional due to malware attacks. Your Protegent Total Security software is tamper-proof and its active protection cannot be disbled by any unauthorised means.

Resource optimization

The internet security and firewall utility understands your security needs and offers you advanced protection without compromising your computer's performance. It optimizes your PC's resource utilization and does not consume much resources while providing always-active protection. 

User friendly interface

Protegent Internet Security software offers you an interactive user-interface for your ease. It is easy to install and use even by naive users. It is comfortable to manage as a majority of its functions are automated.    


Features of Crash Proof

Deleted file/ folder recovery

The software supports speedy recovery of deleted files and folders. It can recover the deleted/ lost files if they are removed from your PC, even if they are not present in the recycle bin.

Unformat formatted drives

The software can even un-format the entire formatted drive. With the help of this product, users can revive files from their replica, which is stored in some other location in the hard disk.

Repair corrupted/ deleted Partitions

You can repair and build back corrupted/ deleted partitions of your PC, which got damaged due to virus attack or accidental deletion.

Revival in case of FAT/MFT Corruption

The data loss prevention software has capability to build back your FAT/MFT file systems. It supports 100% recovery even in case of corrupted file systems.

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