Protegent Complete Security

Protegent Complete Security Software goes with the name and is an advanced complete software package with extremely advanced security features for comprehensive protection against advanced online cyber threats. Protegent 360 is designed with the prime motive of protection of data from viruses, data theft and attempts of unauthorized access to confidential data. Protegent Complete Security is capable of protecting your business, essential data and computer/laptop from malicious attacks. Packed with extremely unique and advanced features, it provides 75% extra features as compared other products available globally.


Features of Protegent Complete Security


File Wipe
Wipes off unwanted files from your system.


Removes unnecessary files and entries to improve the functioning of system

Registry Cleaner-
Scans the registry and gives the accurate information of unwanted registries. It gives you the option to select and delete the unwanted registries, thereby making your system free from junk files.



Registry Restore-
Helps to restore registry files which get deleted up when tuning up.

Internet File Wipe-
Wipes away unwanted temporary internet files like cache memory, cookies, browsing history from your system permanently.



Disk Defragmenter-
Disk defragmenter is a tool that rearranges the data on your system’s drive so that it can run more efficiently.

Features of Crash Proof

Deleted file/ folder recovery

The software supports speedy recovery of deleted files and folders. It can recover the deleted/ lost files if they are removed from your PC, even if they are not present in the recycle bin.

Unformat formatted drives

The software can even un-format the entire formatted drive. With the help of this product, users can revive files from their replica, which is stored in some other location in the hard disk.

Repair corrupted/ deleted Partitions

You can repair and build back corrupted/ deleted partitions of your PC, which got damaged due to virus attack or accidental deletion.

Revival in case of FAT/MFT Corruption

The data loss prevention software has capability to build back your FAT/MFT file systems. It supports 100% recovery even in case of corrupted file systems.

How it Works

Product Info

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